Norris on Trout Fishing: A Lifetime of Angling Insights

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Hardcover, 120 Pages.
4.25in x 6.25in

Norris on Trout Fishing samples both the expertise and the generous warmth that made Thaddeus Norris (1811-1877) such a beloved figure in American angling. From his wise portrayal of the many types of anglers, to the biology and behavior of native American brook trout, to his touching portrait of the now-extinct Michigan grayling, Norris set a standard for American angling thought that educated and inspired succeeding generations and still offers us both provocation and wisdom today. His concluding essay on the joys of fly fishing alone is regarded as a primary milestone of angling philosophy that set the tone for the philosophical explorations of many later writers from Arnold Gingrich to Ernest Schwiebert to John Gierach.

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