Negrini UNICASE Universal Single Shotgun Travel Case 34″ – 1607LR-UNI/5042

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Barrel 34″ max

Fits: O/U, SxS, Auto, Pump

Ultimate Wingshooter’s Shotgun Case


How Many Guns? Shotgun Type Rib Height Barrel Storage Length
This case fits: One Shotgun O/U, SxS, Autoloader or Pump Low 34″ Max


The Negrini 1607LR-UNI/SPECIAL UNICASE Travel single shotgun hard case is perfect for any takedown O/U, SxS, Autoloader or Pump Shotgun. This is the ultimate any-one-gun shotgun case. The gun case’s max barrel length is 36″. It features a padded luxury interior with separate compartments for your stock, receiver, forend, and barrel. To convert the gun case into an autoloader or pump shotgun case, just remove the ABS choke box. This compact Italian-designed gun case is the perfect solution for any lightweight air travel and is great for car, club, and home.

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