Negrini Tactical Solid/Ashlar Foam Rifle Case (Overall Rifle Length 44″) – 1640C-ISY/2493

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1640ISY Series Rifle Type Capacity Overall Rifle Length Technology Storage
Case fits: Takedown or Tactical Rifle One Rifle 44″ Durable PP


Great protection at a great price for all rifles. The fully customizable case fits tactical rifles, bullpup rifles, airguns, or soft air (airsoft) with an overall length of 44″ or less. Customize this case to fit your needs by cutting solid foam for your rifle and accessories. The 1640C-ISY is constructed of a very durable polypropylene exterior and finished with 4 new hinged latches. The interior is finished with quality egg crate foam on top for proper compression and easy-to-cut solid foam. The bottom of the case also is equipped with 3/4″ foam for proper padding of your firearm.

The 1640C-ISY Tactical Rifle case is excellent for AR-15 style rifles with plenty of room for scopes, optics, extra magazines, and accessories. Lightweight in comparison to other cases on the market, the 1640C-ISY/2493 weighs 11.25 lbs. The interior measures 46″ x 12″ wall to wall and 2-1/8″ deep and 10″ wide at the handle. Plenty of room for all airsoft rifles, airgun rifles, and AR-15 rifles.


  • Durable PP Construction
  • Push-Pull Latches
  • Solid/Ashlar Foam
  • Ashlar foam top & Padded Foam bottom

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