Negrini Tactical AR15 Rifle Travel Case – 1645R-TAC/6082

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Overall Length: 32″
Fits: AR-15 and Tactical Rifle
Color: Black/Black

Negrini’s 1645R-TAC Tactical AR15 Rifle Travel hard case is suitable for any tactical rifle or AR-15. These AR-15 tactical rifle cases from Negrini of Italy have an overall length of 32″. It features a fully customizable interior with pick and pluck foam. The user can place the rifle in 1645R-TAC as the full rifle or make more room as a takedown. Conceal your firearm with this sleek Italian-designed case. Compact and Italian-designed, this AR-15 hard case is the perfect solution for lightweight air travel and is great for car, club, and home.


  • Patented double-wall crash test car bumper technology
  • Plush velvet padded interior
  • Customize your own interior
  • Black/Black Interior
  • TSA compliant locks
  • Beautiful Italian Design and finishing
  • Metal hinges

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