Negrini OU/SxS Superlative Leather Takedown Shotgun Case 32″ – 1602PPL/4709

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Fits: Over/Under or Side-by-Side
Rib: Flat
Color: Caoba Leather/Tan Accent/Brown Int

The Negrini 1602PPL/4709 superlative leather shotgun case is perfect for any takedown Over and Under or Side by Side Shotgun. The gun case max barrel length is 32″ plus extended chokes (max barrel channel is 33″, foam padding is needed). It features a padded luxury interior with separate compartments for your stock & receiver and barrel & forearm. Plus, this SxS and over under shotgun case features an accessory compartment for extra tools and choke boxes. This compact Italian designed gun case is the perfect solution for any lightweight air travel and is great for car, club, and home.

  • Shotgun: Over Under or Side-by-Side
  • Hand-finished leather gun case
  • 100% Italian leather
  • High-density foam blocks supplied for fitting
  • Airline approved for travel
  • Patented ABS Technology

Shotguns to Note:

  • Does not fit Beretta DT11 Shotguns


Shotgun Type Rib Height Barrel Length w/ Chokes
Over Under Shotgun Flat Rib 32.5" max barrels
Side by Side Shotguns Flat Rib 32.5" max barrels

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