Luxury 12 ga Shotgun Wood Cleaning Kit – 2029LXX-KIT/4872

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Shotgun Wood Rod Cleaning Kit
Color: Selva Leather/Black Int.
Gauge: 12 ga

Negrini case Luxury 12 gauge Wood Cleaning kit Made in Italy. Negrini makes the finest quality wood cleaning kits for your prized 12 ga shotgun. All 100% made in Italy with the best quality materials. You will not find a better wood cleaning kit. This shotgun cleaning kit is housed in a beautiful faux wood exterior thermoformed ABS Negrini case. With separate compartments for each piece. The 12 gauge shotgun wood cleaning kit is finished with a padded upholstered top and two hardened steel combination locks.

12 ga Cleaning Kit includes
3 piece hand-stained wood cleaning rod
30″ Working length
Burmese Teak & recessed brass cleaning rod
Hurricane brush (standard threads)
Burmese Teak handle with a chamber brush (standard threads)
High quality felt patches
Patch tool (standard threads)
Bore bristle action brush (standard threads)
Nickel-plated brass spring-loaded snap caps
Nickel-plated oil bottle
Wool mop brush (standard threads)
Lubrication Oil
White gun grease
Negrini case with LXX Italian leather trim
2 combination locks

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