Negrini Deluxe Two Shotgun Travel Case 1677LX-UNI/5078

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Capacity: Two Shotguns
Fits: O/U, SxS, Auto, Pump
Rib: Flat-Vented Rib
Color: Black/Tobacco Trim/Navy

There is nothing like the Negrini 1677LX UNICASE Double Shotgun Case. Travel to your next hunting/shooting destination with your SXS, O/U and/or Semi-auto and Pump shotguns. The double shotgun case easily converts and adapts for any type of shotgun. Just Remove the accessory box to convert the case from an O/U to a Autoloader shotgun case.

The dual shotgun UNICASE’s ultra-strong double wall construction consists of a thick thermoformed ABS outer case welded to a rigid inner ABS case with a fully cushioned plush velvet materials. The patented double wall construction assures maximum shock absorption without losing the integrity of the cases construction. With hardened steel locks and hinges that are recessed to prevent damage from airport conveyor belts. Featuring separate compartments for stock and receiver, barrel and forend as well as removable accessories boxes. All materials used are certified to not gas out or corrode firearms. Includes ICC Limited lifetime warranty.

  • Two removable ABS accessory boxes included.
  • Remove the accessory box converts the case into a Semi-auto and Pump shotgun case.
  • Fits Low to Medium Rib Barrel


Shotgun Type Case Capacity Rib Height Barrel Length w/ Chokes
Over Under Shotgun Any Two Shotgun Flat Rib 36.5" max barrels
Side by Side Shotguns Any Two Shotgun Flat Rib 36.5" max barrels
Autoloader Shotguns Any Two Shotgun Flat Rib 36.5" max barrels
Pump Shotguns Any Two Shotgun Flat Rib 36.5" max barrels

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