Native Turkeys and a Georgia Mountain Turkey Hunter Herb McClure


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Herb McClure, Native Turkeys and a Georgia Mountain Turkey Hunter Herb McClure.

Signed and inscribed by Herb McClure.

Many books on wild turkeys and turkey hunting inhabit the bookshelves of today's sportsmen, but few can compare to this uniquely personal story by master hunter and woodsman Herb McClure of Cleveland, Georgia. Native Turkeys-the name old-timers gave to the original pure strain of wild turkeys-traces the history and characteristics of these wary birds in North Georgia's mountains long before the state began its stocking efforts and held its first turkey hunting season.

This highly readable account was authored by a true outdoorsman who spent 57 years on public lands, filming, hunting, and documenting turkey habitats and behaviors in Georgia's mountain and Piedmont regions. Whether you are young or old, a hunter or just a lover of wildlife and the outdoors, Native Turkeys will inform and entertain as no other of its genre. You will read about: How the author became "one with the wildlife"; Mentors and old-time turkey hunters; Unforgettable hunts and difficult gobblers; A unique style of turkey caller; Secrets learned in the hardwoods.

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