My Africa: A Professional Hunter's Journey of Discovery


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Hardcover, 232 Pages.

With a foreword by Pat Cottar. 2003 CA 232pp., almost 200 black & white illustrations. Large 8½x11 inch format. The McCallum’s have been a thread through the history of Africa and professional safari hunting for almost 75 years. Himself a professional hunter who held licenses in Kenya, Tanzania, Central African Republic, Sudan and Zambia, Alec talks about the safari men who constantly faced danger and loved it, and of being governed in the early days only by a love of personal freedom and playing by the rules which were not written down.

No one has told this story of changing Africa, changing professional hunting, quite like Alec. He presents both the hunting stories and the lives of professional hunters. Almost 200 photos take us on a visual journey through his panorama of African big game hunting that fewer and fewer are able to tell.

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