Mr. Buck The Autobiography of Nash Buckingham


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288 Pages.
Limited Edition. Leather-bound.
Signed By Irma Buckingham O'Fallon 

Nash Buckingham was an author, an athlete, a conservationist, and a scholar. He was honored for his contributions to each and every field. He corresponded with "Captains and kings," as they say, with statesmen, heads of state, chairman of notable corporations, and presidents. He has been memorialized and eulogized. 

This book is the extraordinary life of one of America’s greatest bird hunters. Chapters include: My Early Years, The Real Shootinest Gent’man, Ice Bound Duck Hunting, Bo Whoop, Conservation, Awards & Recognition and many more. There is also a bibliography of all of Buckingham’s books, magazine articles, as well as many black & white photographs shown throughout.

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