Moose Country By John Banovich

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Limited Edition - 24" x 36"
- 75 signed and numbered by John Banovich
- 7 Artist Proofs

• Limited Edition: $725
• Artist Proof: $870

• Frame AF6 - 30" x 42": $850

For all of us who love the outdoors the 49th state stands as the last symbol of a wild and untamed wilderness. At over 663,000 square miles and 710,0000 people, Alaska is approximately one person per square mile. I love walking across the soft tundra looking for the largest ungulate in North America, the Alaskan moose. Weighing in over 1400 pounds, this large and usually solitary member of the deer family inhabits the boreal and mixed deciduous forests feeding on grasses, roots and terrestrial shoots. They also love willows and birch trees as well as aquatic vegetation. Walking in “Moose Country” is always a pleasure as it lifts my mind, replenishes my spirit and renews my passion for living.

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