Little Glory


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Hardcover, 194 pages.
A Novel by Roger Pinckney. Published in 2003,  signed by the author.

The high-spirited, often humorous adventures of a boy growing up in World War II-era rural South Carolina are at the heart of this remarkable novel. Little Mac McCloud, son of the sheriff of a remote coastal county, recounts the youthful encounters that shape his world and the stratification that forces blacks and whites to live separate yet interdependent lives. Little Mac's world revolves around Little Glory, the family plantation that never recovered from the Civil War, and the nearby rivers, marshes, and waterways that provide his highway to an assortment of bewitching adventures and escapades. An array of fascinating characters whose dialogue is deeply influenced by the black Gullah culture of the Carolinas are introduced. They share modest lives and uncommon bonds amidst the great physical beauty of the Lowcountry.

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