Lionheart By John Banovich

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Limited Edition - 40" x 29"
- 175 signed and numbered by John Banovich
- 17 Artist Proofs

• Limited Edition: $975
• Artist Proof: $1,170

• Frame AW62 - 48" x 37": $1,050
• Frame AB3 - 48.5" x 37.5": $1,135
• Frame  (AF14)- 47" x 36": $900


Studio Edition - 62" x 45"
- 75 signed and numbered by John Banovich
- 8 Artist Proofs

• Studio Limited Edition: $2,500
• Studio Artist Proof: $3,000 LOW INVENTORY

• Frame AW63 - 70" x 53": $1,565
• Frame  (AF14)- 70.5" x 53": $1995

Strength. Protection. Courage. Loyalty.

There is a reason the African lion has come to embody the most sacred and revered traits of human royalty. In their raw power, their tenacity, their inborn confidence we see a reflection of the bravery we believe sleeps in the heart of every man and woman.

“The lion’s journey from the bush to the palace began very early on as evidenced in the temples of ancient Egypt.  This sacred beast has been revered as a symbol of all traits humans have come to admire – strength, courage, loyalty and protector. “Lionheart” imitates the beloved king as he has just left the throne and confidently makes his way through his kingdom.  I tried to capture a sense of his massive size and focused the viewer’s attention on the large ‘dinner plate' size paws as they pad the path.

When a king at the prime of his power steps down from the throne and parades down the aisle, he doesn’t walk so much as he swaggers. A pride male wears his mane like a luxurious cloak. His great sense of himself exudes confidence. Every creature knows he is king and reacts accordingly as he approaches." - John Banovich

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