Legends of the Hunt- Elephant Edition


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Leather-bound Elephant Edition of 950,
12" x 11" signed & numbered, each with special Giclee Print.

Published in 2009, this immensely popular first volume in the Legends series depicts the greatest sportsmen and explorers between the years 1849 and 1933. The late John Seerey-Lester's riveting stories and images bring to life these legendary adventures, from life-and-death encounters with dangerous game to bizarre happenings that defy explanations.

Legends of the Hunt, is for anyone who remembers the distant roar of a lion on an African night, the welcome smell of a north country campfire, or the taste of dust as you trek through the scrub in the equatorial heat. Sir John Seerey-Lester wants you to smell that smoke, taste that dust and hear that lion when you look at his paintings and read his stories. Altogether it’s a remarkable journey – one that you will treasure always.

The book is offered in two editions contains some 200 pages with over 100 beautiful paintings by Sir John Seerey-Lester. It also includes amazing stories about legends such as Theodore Roosevelt, Jim Corbett, Frederick Selous and many more as retold by John. Get your deluxe edition with limited print today!

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