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Scabbard Technologies, a manufacturer of safe and easily portable gun cases, recently unveiled a new premium gun case - the Leather SafeTravelerTM, the newest product that its team has tirelessly been working on the past couple months. Scabbard believes that hunters shouldn’t be plagued with gun containment problems while out in the field and is excited to provide consumers the premium Leather SafeTravelerTM to solve those inconveniences.

 Scabbard is excited to add the Leather SafeTravelerTM to its line of Made-in-the-U.S.A gun cases. The Leather SafeTravelerTM is compatible with all gun types: shotgun, double barrel, over & under, side-by-side, auto loader, pump action, rifle, scope mounted rifle, bolt-action, automatic, pellet-gun, and elephant-gun.  The new gun case is the premium model, made from High Quality German Hide with a rich chestnut color finish. The Leather SafeTravelerTM is handmade by the Scabbard team with the greatest attention to detail in mind. The Leather SafeTraveler TM comes equipped with a patented locking mechanism and custom mounts to assure the gun case is securely fastened to the vehicle, even during the most rigorous of rides. The Leather SafeTravelerTM  has been engineered to be both simple and efficient, making it easy to secure and retrieve the consumer’s gun from their ATV, golf cart, or other hunting vehicle.

Scabbard is committed to making this a new permanent product for all of its customers.

The Leather SafeTravelerTM has several benefits:

  • Provides personal safety
  • Protects gun finish
  • Protects scope alignment
  • Convenient and easy access

Randy McCrary, owner of Scabbard Technologies, stated, “We here at Scabbard have been committed to providing fellow hunters with safe gun cases to transport their guns while hunting, but now we want the Leather SafeTravelerTM to fill a different need in the community. The Leather SafeTravelerTM is for those hunters who are looking to impress at their local hunting club while protecting their firearms.”

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