Kudu In The Lowveld By John Banovich


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Limited Edition - 11" x 14"
- 350 signed and numbered by John Banovich
- 35 Artist Proofs

• Limited Edition: $225
• Artist Proof: $270

• Frame BA1-S: 18" x 21" - $175
• Frame NC3: 17.25" x 20.25": $490
• Frame AB12 - 18" x 21": $450

“The greater kudu is arguably the most handsome antelope in Africa. With the male's spiral horns often reaching two and a half twists and a length of nearly 70 inches, their beauty and grace is beyond compare. Kudu horns have been used by indigenous people as musical instruments, honey containers, symbolic objects used in rituals and as a symbol of male potency. Like all spiral horned antelope, they posses small white patches on their face and neck, which supports the legend that when God made them, he held their face to admire their exquisite beauty, and when he let go, his finger prints left the marks.”  - John Banovich

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