In Their Prime II By John Banovich

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Limited Edition - 15" x 20"
- 75 signed and numbered by John Banovich
- 7 Artist Proofs

• Limited Edition: $525
• Artist Proof: $630

• Frame (BF9) - 23" x 28": $540
• Frame (AF3) - 23" x 28": $495

Lions come into their own at about 5 years of age.  These two males now possess strong, sinewy muscularity, giving them the strength they need to take down large prey such as buffalo and eland and to defend their territory from invading males. Their body is equal to the mass of an industrial sized refrigerator but with the agility of a yoga master. They possess retractable, scalpel like claws and four inch, dagger like canines that can slice through bone. Millions of years of evolution have honed this heavily armed beast into the perfect tender killer that we see on the plains of Africa today.

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