In Any Kind of Cover: Hunting the Dangerous Game of Africa


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Hardcover, 235 Pages.

On one side is the big game hunter, on the other a wild big game animal—instinctive, vigorous, quick, blessed with sharp senses and protected by the habitat as well as more familiar with it. You’re inside the dense bush where visibility is almost nil, where the ability to maneuver is slight, and where the advantage rests with the quarry. The game that selects this kind of cover is usually the dangerous kind. When this happens you’ll want someone on your team with experience and a heavy caliber rifle. On the big game hunting field, whoever comes off second best often pays with their life. Hugo Seia is a highly regarded PH. He treats the big five individually and provides a chapter on rifle and ammunition selection. His stories prove the point or, illustrate the exception that proves the rule. 

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