Hunting Tales: A Timeless Collection of Some of the Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Written

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Softcover, 368 Pages.

Veteran editor Lamar Underwood invites you to join him in a hunting camp destined to give you hours of pleasure. Featuring 24 stories, many of your favorite authors are here, trusted companions like Archibald Rutledge, Corey Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Nash Buckingham, Tom Hennessey and many others. Their stories capture the action and tranquility of hunting game birds in the uplands, waterfowl in the marshes, and deer and big game in farmland forests and mountain peaks.

Hunting Tales is a collection of some of the greatest hunting stories ever written. It will entertain, enlighten, and inspire hunters the world over. These are enduring stories that have passed the test of time and have attracted generations of readers. 

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