Hunting Big Game: Volume 1 In Africa and Asia


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Paperback. 340 Pages.

A Thrilling Anthology of True Adventures by Master Hunters

Edited with Introduction and Notes by Townsend Whelen
Associate Editor, Sports Afield

Including stories on:
Lions and Elephants by Frederick Courteney Selous
Tigers, Buffalo and Big Game Rifles by Samuel White Baker
Leopards and African Game Rifles by Vaughan Kirby
Elephants and Kenya Hunting by Arthur H Neumann
Marco Polo Sheep by St. George Littledale.

Here are the most exciting big game hunting yarns ever written about Africa and Asia. Ten superb stories on hunting lions, elephants, tigers, buffaloes, leopards and sheep, with chapters on big game rifles, equipment and knives.

The authors are Selous, Baker, Kirby, Neumann, and Litledale-the most expert and fearless hunters ever to track big game. Townsend Whelen-himself a famous hunter-has been collecting these stories for years. His selections are the best, and most exciting, accounts of absolutely true adventures.

These tales open a world almost entirely unknown to sport: that of hunting man-killing big game alone, without the vast equipment and caravans used by modern, organised hunters and explorers. The authors tracked in unexplored countries, living, surviving and earning a livelihood by the rifle alone.

The comments from the writers on the technical sides of their rifles, ammunition and equipment are extremely valuable to all hunters. Townsend Whelen's forewords to each chapter, and his comments on the equipment and methods of the hunters, add immeasurably to the quality of this unique collection.

Whelen has dug deeply into the literature of hunting and has selected what, in his expert opinion, are the best big game hunting stories of all times. They have been chosen with two points in mind: first, for extreme readability and adventure; second, for the technical hunting information in them. All the stories rank high on both sides.

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