Hunter's Tracks


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Hardcover, 240 Pages.

This is the tale of a manhunt, not your usual big-game hunting book. Hunter’s Tracks is the exciting story of John Hunter's efforts to capture the shady headman of a gang of ivory poachers and smugglers. During the inevitable lulls in the investigation into the manhunt, Hunter has "flashbacks" to earlier anecdotes in his career, and these interesting stories simply add to charm of the book. For example, Hunter digresses on how to hunt baboons and how they are among the worst destroyers of crops on the African continent. Hunter concludes his book with the tale of one of East Africa's most grandiose safaris taken with an Indian maharaja, who despite his royal standing turned out to be quite a good sport. You'll enjoy reading what happens when the maharaja's record Thomson gazelle is stolen by a lioness. Hunter was a fine storyteller, and this collection of tales is one of the best ever on East African hunting, big game, and the eccentric characters.

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