Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders (Volume 1)

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Hardcover, 567 Pages.

Following the numerous chapters on the science and safety of cartridge reloading, there are over 200 pages of rifle cartridge loads and another 20 pages of handgun cartridge loads to help handloaders get the most out of their cartridges. Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders has been the quintessential guide for cartridge reloaders since 1962. Widely renowned in reloading and wildcat circles, this book culminates decades of reloading experience and cartridge development by P. O. Ackley and a number of contributing writers. Backed by extensive research, the information contained in this first volume provides comprehensive information on wildcat cartridges and covers basic to advanced techniques that remain timeless.

Parker O. Ackley (1903-1989), revered as one of the foremost authorities on wildcat cartridges, was an avid gunsmith, researcher, and writer. His Ackley Improved Cartridges brought an innovative twist to cartridge design, and he is credited with the development of high-velocity wildcat cartridges.

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