Gunfitting: Achieving the Ideal Fit for the Game and Clay Shot


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Hardcover, 232 Pages.

One of North America's most respected gunfitters, and an award-winning author, Don Currie delivers a groundbreaking reference work on the proper fit of a shotgun based on a lifetime of experience gained from working with Orvis and Purdey. Don gives a detailed description of how the proper point-of-impact is evaluated on moving targets and how the shooter's stance, mount, shooting discipline and level of experience all factor into the final dimensions of the fitted shotgun. An informative journey into the stockmaker's workshop, the engraver's studio and the gunfitter's kit bag round out our understanding of the detail required to achieve the perfect gunfit. A highly valued resource and a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any shotgun enthusiast, instructor, gunfitter, or gunmaker.

In this book, Don allows the reader to develop an understanding of the many subtle yet crucial factors that can and do affect the fit of a gun. It is a blend of art and science, explained and illustrated most elegantly. —Jonathan Irby, Royal Berkshire Shooting Group

Don's grasp of all things 'shotgun' is impressive, and his penchant for sharing that knowledge base is unparalleled. —Dana Farrell, ClayshootingUSA

Don's vast expertise as a shotgun coach combined with his ability to perfectly fit a shotgun is a rare combination. I highly recommend him. —Steve Schultz, TargetLine Shooting School

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