Grouse Feathers

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Softcover, 240 pages.

Burton Spiller's Grouse Feathers is without question the best known book of all time on grouse hunting. His stories have been read and loved since their original publication by The Derrydale Press in 1935. This masterpiece created more interest in the sport than all of the other books on grouse combined. A noted authority on game birds of all kinds, Spiller delivers practical, hands-on advice on hunting grouse, the choice of bird dogs, favorite hunting locales throughout the New England states and much more. The book includes nine handsome illustrations by noted wildlife artist Lynn Bogue Hunt.

Originally published in 1935, Spiller's book on grouse is the textbook for tweed-wearing, pipe-smoking, double-shooting New England grouse and woodcock hunters. Although the language sounds a bit stilted today, after a couple of chapters you'll want to head to Maine, even if you don't know a partridge from a ptarmigan. Heartwarming tales well told, this deserves the classic moniker. For all that you have experienced or hope to while grouse hunting, this book is a great read.

While not a 'how-to,' Spiller's folksy 1989[sic] title offers his great knowledge on the subject couched in recollections of hunting with his father as a boy and later with friends as an adult. He presents numerous tips on shooting, shotguns, dogs, and, of course, the birds themselves.

About the Author
Burton Spiller is the recognized authority on grouse―"king of the upland game birds." He was born in Maine in 1886 and died in 1973. During his life, he was somewhat of a Renaissance Man―he made and played violins, grew prize-winning flowers, wrote plays, short stories, and poems, was a mechanic, a welder, and served in World War II making submarines. Derrydale first published him in 1935, and his books continue to be considered the classics of all grouse hunting literature.

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