Greener Choke Tube Case


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The Greener Choke Tube Case, inspired by the inventive spirit of William Wellington Greener, the pioneer behind the modern Choke System. Crafted from Waxed Twill Canvas and Solid Brass Hardware featuring an antique finish, The Greener Choke Case holds 4 choke tubes securely. Practicality meets style in this meticulously designed accessory, where each detail has been carefully considered. Embrace the essence of shooting sports with this high-end, functional masterpiece, preserving tradition while embracing the excellence of modern craftsmanship. Elevate your shooting experience with the Greener Choke Tube Case – where history, luxury, and functionality seamlessly converge.

Complimentary embossing is available up to three letters. Please fill out "Special Instructions" during checkout if embossing is requested.

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