Game Birds and Gun Dogs


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Paperback, 152 Pages.

True Stories of Hunting Grouse, Quail, Pheasant, and Waterfowl in North America

Try to imagine yourself hunting along the woods road on a clear October day. Your little Brittany spaniel is hunting the cover flawlessly and close. She locks upon a grouse. You know immediately that it's a grouse because your dog never does anything wrong. You flush the bird and mark it cleanly with a remarkable shot through the dense strands of thick pines. And your dog retrieves the bird flawlessly as usual. Right?

Dream on, friend. All too often, your dog ranges too far, breaks point, and flushes birds out of range. And when you are lucky enough to get a shot at a bird, you miss. And finally, we all know that there is unfortunately no such thing as a flawless retrieve. But we still love our dogs and our bird hunting. The stories collected here are about hunters, their dogs, and the upland game and fowls that they hunt together. These are tales of remarkable shots and unexplainable misses. In this collection you'll read about good gun dogs and heart-breaking hounds but never about bad dogs, as every true hunter knows that there is no such animal. Savor all these stories and then take your hound hunting. 

Let legendary outdoor writer and editor Vin Sparano (Outdoor Life Magazine) take you into the great outdoors with stories about hunters, their dogs and the upland game and waterfowl they hunt. Hunters will experience all the emotion they do in the outdoors in the comfort of their easy chair: the smell of an autumn forest, the friendship of a trusted hunting dog, the joy of the hunt, the satisfaction of a fine meal and more.

"Vin Sparano has collected timeless tales of hunters and their singular dogs in this book, but it's really a celebration of the birds, America's diverse ornithological spangle of upland birds and waterfowl, homicidal turkeys, and royal grouse. You can't read this book and not look for a dog's ear to scratch." —Andrew McKean

“Timeless classics make this an absolute treasure and great fireside reading.”
—Ken Schultz

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