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Foreign Subscription - 2 Year

Foreign Subscription to Sporting Classics - Two year + Digital Edition

Sporting Classics is devoted to The Heritage, The Romance, The Art of Hunting and Fishing.

Written for active sportsmen who love to read, each issue is a big, thick volume packed with stories on all the things you love most: guns, knives, adventures, sporting art, dogs, collectibles, along with biographies of talented writers, craftsmen, painters and sculptors, who make these things possible.

Within these colorful pages you'll find timeless classics from the past mixed amound exciting new stories, many of which will surely become classics in the future.

Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark, Russell Annabel, Gordon MacQuarrie, Gene Hill, Nash Buckingham and dozens more of our favorite authors from yesteryear help us introduce the rich heritage of hunting and fishing literature to new generations.

Likewise, modern day authors like Mike Gaddis, Ron Spomer, Todd Tanner, Jim Casada, Doug Painter, Tom Davis, Roger Pinckney and Jamison Parker continue this age-old tradition of incredibly powerful stories.

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