Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains


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Hardcover, 400 Pages.
6" x 9"

Includes 21" x 16" map of every major stream in the park. 

Jim Casada, in what he describes as "my book of a lifetime," provides detailed information on all aspects of fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is a book which everyone who fishes its lovely and storied waters will want to read.

Separate chapters cover every major watershed in the Park, the rich fabric of the regions past is unveiled in a fashion only possible when the author is a trained historian, and in these pages you meet dozens of endearing characters and enduring traditions. It includes chapters on each of the four seasons and what they bring to the Smokies angler, extensive coverage of equipment, an experts thoughts on effective tactics and techniques, treatment of safety considerations, a remarkably detailed bibliography, seven appendices covering everything from seasonal climate conditions to graphs of stream slopes and stream waypoints of note, and even a peek into what the future like holds for the park.

The Park is a paradise for wild trout, and its streams offer the finest fishing for them, in hundreds of miles of water, anywhere east of the Rockies. This book, truly an insiders guide, is as informative as it is interesting, and the author enlivens it even more by bringing a wealth of personal experience to its pages. If your passion is trout of the Southern highlands, this book will prove to be as indispensable as a favorite rod and wading boots.

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the nation's most popular park, this 448-page book features separate chapters with maps and photos on every major stream in the park. 

"Along with significant information for the inquisitive angler, Jim Casada offers an abundance of historical material on Park streams. Quotes and stories from many individuals who lived in this mystical place add a flavorful touch to an informative book on the fabled streams of the Smokies. His book is full of details on streams, the heritage of the highlands, and insight on the legendary figures who waded these beloved streams." - Steve Claxton

"This is a book anyone who knows or plans to visit the Smokies will cherish, but also a book that anyone who takes pleasure in fine writing about the outdoor world and especially fly fishing will admire greatly. I do." -Nick Lyons

"As the title suggests, native son of the Smokies Jim Casada has poured his heart into this stream guide. And it shows. A detailed how-to book like this can only come from someone who has 'been there, done that' and knows how to put these experiences on paper. If your passion is trout of the Southern highlands, this book will prove as indispensable as a favorite rod and wading boots. -Sam Venable

"I am fascinated by this book and will be from now on. This is the complete book about fly fishing in the Smokies. It is obvious that Jim Casada knows more about Park streams, the area's history and heritage, and out sport more than anyone I have met. It is a masterpiece." -Byron Begley

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