Firmo & Francesa Fracassi: Master Engravers


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Hardcover, 235 Pages.

Hundreds of beautiful, detailed full sized color photographs of the work of one of Italy's finest Master Firearms Engravers. Firmo Fracassi, is without doubt, one of the world's finest engravers and his attention to details defies the imagination. Fracassi's engraving creativity can appear very classical at first, but closer inspection reveals a human sensitivity, which can be seen in everything including his anatomically correct birds and animals, grotesques, and even surrealistic background elements. His mastery of the bulino technique, in addition to the extreme amount of detail make his engravings appear three-dimensional and defy the imagination, especially when enlarged to the sizes in this book. A true Master Engraver, Fracassi never repeats or copies an existing engraving, including his own. His daughter Francesca also has her own section. An outstanding and beautiful book.

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