Echoes In Gold (NRAExclusive Artist Proof Edition) By John Banovich


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Artist Proof - 20" x 36"
- 103 Artist Proofs

Artist Proof: $875

• Frame (AF6) - 26" x 42": $850

1,100 s/n giclée canvases were published and exclusively distributed by NRA.
Friends of the NRA Artist of the Year – NRA Exclusive Edition

“In the Rocky Mountains, summer starts out with the mountains being cloaked in a medley of greens, then in September turning to a kaleidoscope of orange and gold. The great change in the landscape brings about chilled, crisp air and the deep bellowing of the bugling bull elk in rut.

I emphasized the different layers in the background as nearly horizontal bands of color, each representing a receding depth of field. The elk are placed up front in the foreground like actors on a stage; the old bull bugling to any challengers that may be within earshot. It is these “Echoes in Gold” that become the sound of music in the forest and adds the wild to the wilderness.” - John Banovich

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