Deer Addictions


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Softcover, 306 pages.
Signed by Larry Weishuhn

Featuring 32 chapters, journey with Larry Weishuhn in his new captivating book of adventure and discovery. From chasing Sitka blacktail deer in Alaska to brocket deer in Campeche to mule deer in Texas to whitetail in Missouri, Larry has done it all. I am excited for you, the deer addict, to enjoy each story, learn much about deer, and be entertained about the many places that Larry found (or put) himself while pursuing deer across North America. From feeling the blistering sun or cold winds, to having a sense of every detail of the backpack tent or lodge, you will get to experience it all with each page. Sit back and enjoy each tale, learn a little more about deer, and laugh along with Larry as he takes you on a ride. 

If you ask North American deer hunters who they consider the deer hunting authority, I suspect there would be one resounding response - Larry Weishuhn. Larry has worked professionally as a biologist and hunter for decades and has dedicated most of that time to deer hunting and deer management. If it is about deer, Larry has studied it, written about it, and lectured about it. I know many have dreamed of sitting on the edge of a pear flat and having “Mr. Whitetail” rattle those magic antlers, eagerly awaiting to see what shows.

Larry Weishuhn became enamored with deer and deer hunting long before he started grade school. That interest lead to Larry to becoming a professional wildlife biologist and life-long wildlife conservationist. As a wildlife management consultant he has set up management programs and hunted deer from Canada and the coastal areas of Alaska down to the jungles of Central America. He is a Professional Member of the Boone and Crockett Club as well as a member of Dallas Safari Club. Larry has long served as an Ambassador, and was inducted into The Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.

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