Decorated Veteran II By John Banovich

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
2 Sizes Available

Limited Edition - 12" x 14"
-75 signed and numbered by John Banovich

• Limited Edition: $275

• Frame (BF5) - 20" x 22": $600
• Frame (LJ1) - 14" x 16": $325

Gallery Edition - 36" x 42":
-75 signed and numbered by John Banovich

• Gallery Edition: $1,500

• Frame (BF5) - 42" x 50": $1,250
• Frame (LJ1) - 44" x 52": $735

It is no easy task to capture the essence of life, to give attitude and spirit into a piece of art. We are drawn to the eyes when viewing artwork and one of the first things to come under scrutiny. When we see eyes and faces depicted, we cannot help but hold the gaze, often in order to decipher meaning in the piece. Formidable and often furious, the Cape buffalo is never forgotten and as Robert Ruark once said, “He looks at you as if you owe him money”. One cannot help but follow where this buffalos gaze is being directed and in turn sparks the imagination as to what he may be looking at. However, if one is in his line of sight, the tone of the piece greatly shifts. Suddenly, it is you the viewer who is being stared at with attitude and intent, as if you were being keenly observed. This duality is not easy to accomplish, however in this painting its the complexity in the gaze that allows us to ponder the relationship between the yellow-billed oxpecker and this Decorated Veteran of the African Savannah.

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