Dangerous-Game Rifles Second Edition


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440. Hardcover with Dust jacket.

The big-bore rifle for hunting dangerous animals is the most romantic of firearms. Names like Holland & Holland and Mauser, and cartridges like the .470 Nitro Express and .505 Gibbs, have dominated African hunting literature for a century.

In this book, firearms expert Terry Wieland explores the history of big-bore rifles for dangerous game, covers rifles and ammunition available today, examines controversies about killing power, and explains the nuances of big rifles and how to use them.

The first edition of Dangerous-Game Rifles appeared in 2006, sold out quickly, was reprinted and sold out again. Since it publication, there have been significant developments in the world of big-bore rifles and ammunition. This revised and expanded second edition includes additional chapters on the making of big rifles, practice and usage, updated information on available rifles and ammunitions and more than 100 new photographs, many in color.

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