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Featured articles:

Roosevelt's Last Hunt
A close encounter with an angry bull moose.           By Duncan Dobie

Bear Hunting in Japan
An exciting turn-of -the-century bear hunt deep in the forest of Japan.
By Outing Magazine, 1895.

The Chair on the Tree                                                                                          They were bound to the land and bound to each other.  By Jeff Hale               

Southern Classic
Westervelt Lodge represents vintage southern hunting at its best.
By Michael Altizer

A Dog's Tale
A loving tribute to a four-legged friend.
By Sam Jefferies

Shooting Flying
Driven shoots for pheasant and other gamebirds at Chateau de Villette in France.
By Laurie Bogart Wiles

The Tent
After golden days on an Alaskan river, I would return to my tent.
By Michael Altizer

Mayan Fowl Play
A quest for the rare ocellated turkey in the Yucatan.
By Chris Dorsey

Grandaddy of them All  by Dave Brooks

Cuba's "Forbidden" Bass By duncan Dobie

Columns by Mike Gaddis, Roger Pinckney, Jameson Parker, John Seerey-Lester, Robert Matthews, Dwight Van Brunt, Gayne C. Young, Michael Altizer, Ron Spomer, and Jim Casada.

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