Constructing Cane Rods: Secrets of the Bamboo Fly Rod - Blemished

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Softcover, 84 Pages.

The mysteries of handmade bamboo fly rods revealed! In Constructing Cane Rods, world-renowned rodbuilder Ray Gould shares a lifetime's worth of wisdom about bamboo fly rods. Clear, concise, and to-the-point, Gould's writing is packed with detailed, instructive information on every facet of rod building, repair, and appraisal.

Beginning with an overview of commercial rod production and antique rod appraisal, Gould moves on to describe how to properly repair any old rods that might be collecting dust in your basement. He walks you through every component of bamboo fly rods, with photos, diagrams, and charts to clear up any confusion. You'll even learn to make your very own cane rod from scratch, with ample time dedicated to sourcing and utilizing the tools and materials required by this precise and rewarding craft. This is a wonderful book for committed rod builders, collectors, restorers, or anyone who appreciates the humble beauty of a hand-crafted bamboo fly rod.

A native of Milwaukee, Ray Gould has been a fly fisherman since 1958. After a 35-year career as a mechanical engineer, Gould but his technical background to use designing and building bamboo fly rods. Gould has built over 100 cane rods and repaired countless others. His numerous fishing-related accomplishments include serving as president of the Northwest Fly Anglers club; teaching classes on fly tying at Shoreline Community College; exhibiting and presenting seminars in Montana, Washington, and British Columbia; providing programs at numerous fly clubs; and co-chairing the 1992 and 1994 West Coast Bamboo Rodbuilders' Workshop in British Colombia.

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