Campfire Talk

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Softcover, 270 pages.
Signed by Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton

Featuring 41 chapters, you'll find yourself sitting around the campfire as you vicariously enjoy Luke and Larry's wonderful hunting tales. From the Pin Oak Flats of Texas to Colorado's High Country you'll read of beautiful eight points, hog hunting, turkey tricks, mule deer, big fish and more. Along with the stories, you'll see many photos that illustrate each chapter, allowing you to gain more insight into their outdoor shenanigans and serious prose. 

Known as "Mr. Whitetail", Larry has spent a lifetime studying whitetails as a biologist and also a serious hunter who scores on the quarry more often than not; with bucks that would impress anyone. As you'd expect many of Larry's stories revolve around his whitetail pursuits, but he also writes about other species including some mighty big fish.

Luke Clayton is the perfect companion to co-author this book. He is a master of everything outdoors, whether it's hunting, fishing, camp cooking; you name it. Luke's stories are fun to read, and like Larry's Luke's credentials include more than 30 years of outdoors writing as a freelancer and staff writer for many magazines.

Luke Clayton and Larry Weishuhn come from rural backgrounds where being in the outdoors was a way of life. Luke grew up near the Red River in northern Texas, Larry near the Colorado River in southern Texas. Friends, they started working together when Larry served a guest on one of Luke's early radio show episodes. Larry was soon a part of Luke's weekly shows. This in turn lead to other collaborations regarding radio podcasts, writing projects, and an outdoor television show "A Sportsman's Life" culminating in co-authoring this book; their first book together.

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