BUL Bag - Ballistic Utility Lightweight Bag

Color: Black MultiCam
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Crafted using 1000D Cordura, this multi-use utility bag offers unparalleled versatility. On the outside the bag appears simple but on the inside it is a highly organized, 10-pocket utility, personal storage platform. Whether you are looking for casual elegance or midnight stealth, BULBAG has a product to fit your needs. 

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Convertible to a drop-leg, messenger bag/sling bag, chest rig or backpack configuration, the Bulbag is an every day carryall that facilitates immediate access to first-line gear. All bags are CCW compatible with internal retention available.

Each bag also features a unique magnetic closure lock, YKK Zippers and American made HK Clips. All bags are also berry-compliant which means even the fabric, thread, and zippers are made in the USA.

Designed and 100% made in the USA the BulBag is small enough for everyday carry comfort, but roomy enough for all the gear you need. A blank velcro patch is featured on the front flap and is perfect for bag personalization.

When looking for a utility bag that will serve your tactical needs, you want to ensure you have access to your gear when needed. A good utility bag should hold all your gear comfortably while still feeling light on your back, side, hip, chest, or anywhere else while carrying it around. 

Four Ways to Wear
The second a weapon is brandished, the entire feel and process of a situation change. That means you need to have your CCW ready to go at a moment’s notice in case a seemingly calm situation calls for more divisive action.

On the Hip: The most common way to wear the bag is on your hip's left or right side. More specifically, on either side of your waistband.

On the Chest: The pouch holster tactical waist bag has a chest conversion kit that allows you to use it as a chest rig. This is useful for carrying extra gear, keeping your hands free, and carrying in a more tactical position.

Backpack/Messenger Style: For those that do not require ordinance in their daily activities, our tactical waist bag can be slung cross-body like a messenger bag or worn over the shoulders as a backpack.

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