Buffalo Soilders By John Banovich

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas - 26" x 39"
- 75 signed and numbered by John Banovich

• Limited Edition: $1,500

• Frame (BF5) 34" x 47": $1100

“During the expansion of the American west, one group stands out for their bravery and patriotism - the Buffalo Soldiers of the US army. During the Indian wars, Native Americans used the name to describe the uncompromising spirit and courage of these black warriors. African Americans have fought in all of our military engagements, but their greatest contributions came during the Civil War. Nearly 200,000 Buffalo Soldiers served the Union side. Their sacrifices and bravery were unparalleled. African Buffalos share this vigilant reputation. Their stoic resolve and unwavering constitution mirror these brave and honorable men.” - John Banovich  

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