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"Brushes with Nature" Deluxe Edition, Damaged

Acclaimed for his stirring portraits of big game and riveting images of waterfowl on the wing, Ron Van Gilder stands among the best wildlife artists in the world.

This rich array of artwork displays Van Gilder’s diverse interests and includes beautiful images of waterfowl, upland gamebirds, birds of prey, and big game carefully portrayed in their natural habitats. There is also a special chapter on the human figure, since the artist credits his interest in human anatomy as central to understanding the many anatomical similarities between humans and animals.

Van Gilder, a degreed graphic designer and trained photographer who taught himself to paint, offers his ideas about the approaches and artistic techniques he used to create selected pieces of art. The artist also reveals his early influences in the genre. These intimate insights make for interesting and informative reading for both the collector and the artist, whether practicing or aspiring.

This 216-page coffee-table book typically retails for $100, but due to a slight blemish of the spine/cover gluing and a faint scuffing of the leather we are now offering it for only $25. Same great content, now at a deep discount!

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