Bad Birds 2


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Softcover, 298 pages.

A collection of mostly* true stories starring the gobblers we all love to hate.

A bad bird is simply a worthy adversary, a gobbler that doesn't come running in to die. In other words, a bird that makes you work, a bird that makes a hunter think. The reality is, every turkey gobbler has some bad bird in him. The ones that come easy are rarely remembered. It's the hard ones that live in our memories forever. This collection features Jim Spencer's columns from Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine and other publications along with several additional chapters.

Not only does he tell about turkeys and hunts, Spencer makes you feel the morning chill, hear the first gobble and catch your breath once an beautiful gobbler finally falls to his gun. Many of the stories have happy endings for the turkeys, all of them are about birds that challenge the best a turkey hunter can give. 

Jim Spencer is a real turkey hunter, and he shares successful hunts and gut-wrenching ones with equal skill and enthusiasm. We don't forget the ones that eat us. Bad Birds 2 is another classic I'll read again each year. (P.S. read the epilogue carefully. It'll make you think.) -Larry Proffitt, author of Letters to my Grandsons

With hundreds of turkey articles spreading over four-plus decades, and now with this third book on the subject, Jim Spencer has climbed that lofty peak. No one writing about turkeys today can top his ability to spin a yarn. To have this modern mountain man (that's his email handle) as a literary sidekick is to travel through woods of springtime wonder. - Jim Casada

About the Author:
Jim Spencer's name and reputation are well-known in the turkey hunting subculture. A freelance writer by trade, he spent 20 years as a writer/editor/spear carrier for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. He has written more than 2,000 feature magazine articles, more than 3,000 newspaper columns, and six books. As a self-described turkey bum, Spencer has written more than a thousand of those magazine and newspaper pieces about turkeys and turkey hunting, and three of his books have been on the subject. In more than 40 years, he has hunted turkeys in three countries and 30 states. He and his wife (outdoor writer Jill Easton) hunt turkeys 50 to 60 days every spring in six to eight states. They live in the Arkansas Ozarks, splitting their time between their house in the Ozark National Forest and their house on Lake Norfork.

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