Appalachian Grouse Dog: A Boomer's Memoir

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Hardcover, 135 Pages. 

Like many of his contemporaries, Dennis LaBare’s parents moved to a big-city suburb to live a modest life as a result of the Great Depression and World War II.

Along with the new landscape, his parents of rural origins introduced to him an appreciation of outdoor living like fishing, hunting, wandering through the forest, reading outdoor magazines, and spending summer vacations visiting the folks “back home.”

In spite of the enormous cultural changes that came from the loud, roaring post-WWII era, the voices and traditions of those quiet country origins made their way into LaBare’s consciousness and that of his generation.

Appalachian Grouse Dog: A Boomer’s Memoir is an ode to boomers and the pursuits of the traditional outdoors. Here in clear-eyed prose is the life-changing story of one boy and one dog who made it through the cacophony of modern America to a life of appreciation and outdoor living. It is a celebration of the deep roots of another time and place—of a dog, a gun, and time enough.

A delight for dog lovers and extra special for those who love bird dogs. This story of one fine English Setter told by three people with different perspectives is heartwarming and educational. 

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