Africa - 41 Dark Adventures From the Dark Continent

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Hardcover, 400 Pages.
Size 9.5" x 6.25"

Featuring over 50 illustrations by world-renowned artist Bob Kuhn, AFRICA features more than 400 pages of unforgettable stories by some of the finest professional hunters and writers of sporting adventure.

Over the past three decades Sporting Classics has published more than 100 articles and columns on sport and wildlife conservation in Africa. This anthology, which commemorates the magazine’s 30th anniversary, features the best of those stories. Many talented, dedicated people made this book possible, particularly the authors who eagerly shared their stories.

Driven by the hunter’s passion to look into the eyes of a cape buffalo, follow the tracks of a bull elephant, or match wits with one of the great cats, some of our greatest writers have chronicled what Africa was to them.

Ruark, Capstick, Roosevelt, Markham—the legends in outdoor literature are all here, sharing their stories of deadly encounters with dangerous game, of bizarre run-ins with witch doctors, gorillas and man-eaters, of safaris into the uncharted wilds of deepest Africa. When explorers first traveled to Africa something compelled them to write down their experiences. Is it possible that the echoes of those first fireside tales still whisper in the breeze? When you read these stories you will hear it, because these writers and adventurers tapped into Africa’s ancient rhythm to make you feel as if it’s the first story you’ve ever read.

These tales from the old masters and the contemporary voices of African hunting will allow you to relive your own travels or fuel the desire to visit places not yet seen. They are more than words on a page—they are an inner look into some of Africa’s greatest hunters pursuing its legendary game animals. The stories in this book are from writers who define hunting literature. Writers whose stories will live beyond the sunset.

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