A Quail Hunter's Odyssey


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Hardcover, 200 Pages.

A Quail Hunter's Odyssey begins with the initiation of a ten-year-old boy into the magic of bobwhite quail hunting. His father handed him his grandfather's 20-gauge Parker shotgun; the quail flushed, flying toward the sun, and fell when he shot. This picture made such an indelible impression that Dr. Greenfield has pursued his quail hunting passion for over sixty years.

He obtained his first pointer bird dog in 1951, and his long-standing fascination with these quail hunting machines and one setter-has continued until the present. During this period, he has traveled to many venues within the Southeastern United States. In the 1980s, he began a 25 year hunting partnership with Joey O'Bannon and J&R Outfitters in Indiantown, Florida. Currently, he hunts quail with Joey in this venue at least thirty days a year.

The initial chapters contain a description of his quail hunting in various venues in the Old South. These are followed by sections that address specific aspects of quail hunting. There are several stories that deal with individual experiences involving bird dogs. The chapter entitled "Covey Call" is a poignant reminder of the Civil War. During this odyssey, he has used several vintage double-barrel shotguns, including the Parker and a gauge Purdey. Anyone interested in the grand sport, especially in its evolution over the past sixty years, will both be entertained and enlightened by the account of his experiences.

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