A Cast Away in Montana

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Hardcover, 218 Pages.

A Cast Away in Montana is the captivating story of a passionate angler’s first trip to Montana. Through Tim Schulz's humorous, insightful, and reflective storytelling, readers not only discover the thrill of pursuing elusive fish in stunning landscapes but also embark on a profoundly personal exploration of life, loss, and self-discovery. This compelling narrative will resonate with fly-fishing enthusiasts and those seeking a meaningful connection to nature as it weaves together engaging tales of adventure, friendship, regional history, and reflection. Whether enjoyed by an angler, an outdoor lover, or simply a fan of beautifully crafted storytelling, A Cast Away in Montana reels in the reader and leaves a lasting impression.

About the Author
Tim Schulz lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. His business cards say "professor of engineering," but he lives a secret life as a writer, musician, part-time fishing guide, and sluggish skater on North America’s slowest and oldest hockey team. His writings on fishing appear in Hatch Magazine and The FlyFish Journal, and he is the author of a self-published book, The Habits of Trout—And Other Unsolved Mysteries.

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