101 Fish: A Fly Fisher's Life List


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Softcover, 202 Pages.

From farm ponds to the Amazon, Lefty's wit and wisdom captured in these 101 stories feature his most memorable fly-caught fish. Each chapter opens with a vibrant color illustration by artist Bill Bishop and includes favorite flies and natural history facts for each species: Tarpon, brown trout, catfish, lemon shark, king salmon, and many more.

Travel the globe with Lefty Kreh as he shares his most memorable fishing experiences: his best cast ever for tarpon, twin Atlantic salmon on two successive casts that both weighed an amazing 37 pounds, “machine-gun” bass-bugging for machaca on Rio Colorado, and, of course, the one that got away.

Not all of theses tales are about great catches. There is plenty of adventure, like the time Kreh and his boatmates thwarted bandits in Costa Rica and when he was chased from a prime bluegill pond by dogs. But whether describing the best trips or worst ones—reeling in a trophy fish or fly-fishing for bait—these stories show a man with a deep passion for fishing and, perhaps more important, the friendships and discovery that often accompany it.

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