The Apex Lionfish Brackish Wallet

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American Alligator Exterior • Invasive Granite Lionfish

100% hand-dyed and meticulously hand stitched, this one-of-a-kind wallet combines an alligator exterior with a beautiful granite dyed lionfish interior. Includes 6 credit card slots, 2 hidden pockets and a large bill pocket on top. Each and every Brackish wallet is hand crafted one at a time, creating a unique, timeless piece that blends the worlds of sustainable & regenerative exotic leathers. US domestic shipping only, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

These invasive leathers come from INVERSA. By removing harmful animals, INVERSA accomplishes two things: creating beautiful leathers for the sporting industry and reviving ecosystems around the world.

Where Is Our Gator From? 
At Teton Leather Co. we source our American Alligator from the most well known and established exotic tannery in North America, American Tanning & Leather, a trailblazer in sustainability and conservation.

"Each and every skin tanned by American Tanning & Leather LLC is harvested legally and in accordance with all state, federal, and international wildlife regulations. We never buy, sell, or promote any endangered species of crocodile or alligator, and it is our promise to exclusively provide clients with luxury leathers that are from sustainable and ethically sourced raw materials.

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