The Essential G.E.M. Skues


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Few fly fishers are unfamiliar with the name of George Edward Mackenzie Skues, even if they are not acquainted with all of his work. This collection provides a wonderful opportunity to read the best of Skues's writing from his books, articles, unpublished manuscripts, and correspondence. The books of Skues are among the best in the entire literature of angling, and they are absolutely essential for the library of the modern angler. Skues has often been described as the Father of the Nymph, but he was an expert in every aspect of fly fishing, including entomology, fly tying and fly patterns, fly-fishing techniques, methods, and tactics. Best, he was a superbly literate angler -- and stories of his, like the famous Mr. Theodore Castwell, which is included here, are beloved by fly fishers everywhere.

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