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Jim Corbetts name has become legendary, and his stories of tiger-hunting expeditions have become classics of adventure over the years, the books in which he described these expeditions and his daily life in India achieved bestseller status around the world here is a selection of 22 of his most popular writings, taken from man-eaters of kumaon, my India, jungle lore, and other volumes in these stories, Corbett tells not only of the tracking and shooting of the man-eating leopards and tigers of India, and the amazing feats of skill and courage that saved people from the panar leopard, the chowgarh tigress, and the muktesar maneater, but also of his love for India and the people with whom he lived and worked Corbetts vivid and evocative descriptions of the people, the countryside, and its wildlife reveal him to be not only a world-class hunter, but also an ardent conservationist with an intimate knowledge of the mysterious Indian jungle.

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