Legend's Legacy

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Trade Edition: 300 Pages, 
6.25" x 9.25", Hardcover with dust jacket.

31 Stories

Cover and inside artwork by Dan Burr

There was a time when the world spun more gently, when family was the axis of its existence and folks lived closer to the land. A time when a gun was no less valuable to the scheme of being than a Bible or a blade, when a hunting dog could be found under the front porch and a fishing pole sat ready in a chimney corner

There was an age, a space of innocence, freedom and fascination, where every day brought another revelation, and tommorow could never come fast enough. When, as boys and girls, we learned as much from woods and waters as from a spelling book.

Most of all, there were moments of infinite beauty and sharing, when someone laid a hand at our shoulder and led us there. So that later we might lead another, in turn.

Here, in parables of incomparable warmth and intonation, the author of the celebrated books, Jenny Willow and Zip Zap, explores the enchanting realm of outdoor mentorship. Not only in kind and gentle remembrances, but in intuitive vignettes, present and future.

Legend's Legacy stands unparalleled as an affecting commemoration of the most endearing aspects of our sporting traditions—an inspiring tribute to those who cared, who taught us then and guide us still.

By Mike Gaddis

Mike Gaddis grew up in rural North Carolina in the 1940s, a time when hunting and fishing was as existential to family well-being as summer gardening or going to church on Sunday. And as deeply revered. In a Tom Sawyer boyhood, amid a host of characters rivaling those of Huck Finn, he absorbed the folkways and stories – which later inspired his worldwide experiences – that have distinguished and endeared his writings to a wide and appreciative audience. Above all, an abiding love and respect for simple country values, woods, waters and wild things, and the sporting traditions.

Associate Publisher of Sporting Classics magazine, author of the celebrated novel Jenny Willow and the stirring memoir Zip Zap, Mike Gaddis resides in Granville County, North Carolina, with his wife Loretta, fifteen setters, three Boykin spaniels, an English cocker and a Jack Russell terrier.

— Not since Robert Ruark’s revered classic, The Old Man and the Boy, has a book captured with such heartwarming affect the school room of the great outdoors, and the meeting of wisdom and wonder . . . until now. – Chuck Wechsler, publisher & editor, Sporting Classics

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