Venison Cookbook: From Field to Table

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Softcover, 264 pages.

Veteran cookbook authors Jim and Ann Casada share 400 field- and kitchen-tested recipes, along with dozens of sauces and marinades, that span the spectrum of venison cookery. From traditional favorites to gourmet and ethnic specialties, this is a complete cookbook with recipes for choice cuts and ground venison, soups and stews, sausages and jerky, and meatballs and chilis, along with offerings for slow cooker, casserole dish, and grill.

The work, which is an updated and revised combination of two venison cookbooks Casada wrote with his late wife, Ann, runs to 264 pages of recipes and a detailed index along with an additional 14 pages of narrative material on subjects such as how to handle your deer at every step from shot to pot, health information, and more. There are 282 recipes for venison along with well over a 100 more for sauces, marinades, toppings, and the like. There are dozens of toppings for burgers and other preparations as well. The seven chapters cover “Fancy Fixings,” “Ground Venison and Cubed Steak,” “Crockpot Cookery,” “Venison on the Grill,” “Soups and Stews,” “Forgotten Portions and Unusual Approaches,” and “Health-Smart Venison Cookery.”

Every recipe in the book was, as the subtitle suggests, prepared and tested in our kitchen or on our grill. This isn’t any fancy-dancy book. Rather, it’s a cookbook for the Average Joe hunter, one who appreciates the wonders properly prepared venison can offer. Many of the recipes are the essence of simplicity although some, especially in the “Fancy Fixings” chapter, are more complicated. None require special utensils or culinary knowledge.

Healthier and more natural than overly processed beef, venison is a low-fat, low-cholesterol, high-protein option, and the Casadas have focused on providing health-smart recipes. They also include tips on the best spices and cooking methods, as well as processing, packaging, and safe handling of the meat.

From appetizers to full meals, old-fashioned favorites, and popular choices for today’s diets, you’ll find creative and innovative ideas for cooking venison. The American Heart Association endorses venison as a heart-healthy red meat, and when properly handled, processed, and prepared, it is every bit as delectable as the finest cuts of beef. The information on field processing and care will result in the best-tasting venison whether you process the meat yourself or have it commercially done.

If you hunt deer and enjoy venison (or even if you don’t, I think there are recipes aplenty here to provide an attitude adjustment), you’ll find this book deserves a welcome place on your shelves.

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